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A leader in public funds management for improved public road network in Malawi


To mobilise, administer and account for funds for the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of public roads in an economical, efficient, effective, transparent and sustainable manner for the benefit of road users in Malawi.


Integrity – We observe high standards of ethical behaviour and professionalism

Our dealings with each other, with implementing agencies and stakeholders will be conducted to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professionalism.

Transparency – We are open and honest

Our decisions, actions and processes will be honest, open, constructive, accessible and understandable – both internally and externally.

Accountability – We accept responsibility of our actions and omissions

We will welcome scrutiny and hold ourselves answerable to the performance of our functions and responsibilities.

Zero Tolerance to Corruption – We do not tolerate fraud or corruption

We will be intolerant to corruption in all our dealings and deal decisively with all proven corrupt practices.

Efficiency – We provide timely and cost effective service

We will ensure that public resources under our management are not wasted, abused, or used improperly or extravagantly.

Staff Focus – Our staff are our most valuable resource

We will create and maintain a good working environment for our staff.

Teamwork – We work as a team

We will collaborate with the implementing agencies and stakeholders in recognition of the contribution each of us makes to the common purpose of improving the public road network in Malawi.