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What is Road Access Fee?

Road Access Fee is money charged on small foreign registered vehicles such as saloons, pickups, wagons and all those that are currently not eligible to pay International Transit Fees, including motor cycles and trailers.

The Road Access Fee is charged in United States Dollars at a fixed rate of US$20 per vehicle per entry. This does not depend on origin of the vehicle or distance to be travelled in Malawi.

Who is required to pay Road Access Fee?

Road Access Fee is paid by persons driving any foreign registered saloons, pickups, motor cycles, trailers and all those vehicles that are not required to pay International Transit Fees when coming into or passing through Malawi and are issued with Temporary Importation Permit (TIP).

Administration of Road Access Fee

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is collecting the Road Access Fee on behalf of the RFA. All eligible motorists are required to pay the Road Access Fee at the port of entry or on renewal of the TIP with the MRA. The Road Access Fee is paid through MRA-designated banks available at the port of entry and is strictly paid in United States Dollars.

Failure to pay Roads Access Fee attracts a penalty of US$500 per vehicle on the spot.