Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the difference between the Roads Authority and the Roads Fund Administration?

The NRA is a precursor to the Roads Authority and the Roads Fund Administration it was established in 1998 under the national Roads Authority Act to manage the road network and a dedicated Roads Fund to cater for maintenance and rehabilitation needs of public roads in Malawi. however, due to challenges such as over expenditure and reallocation of funds to unplanned programmes. In 2006, the Malawi Government split the NRA into two public bodies thereby establishing the RA to manage the road network and the RFA to manage the roads fund. this business approach was expected to enhance transparency and accountability and achieve efficiency in the management of public roads.

How far is Lilongwe from Blantyre

The two cities are 330km apart, however for a detailed summary of Malawi Key Cities and Towns distances please check on the RFA Distance Chart.

How often are the roads maintained?

The Roads Authority in consultation with the Roads Fund Administration prepares the Annual National Roads Programme (ANRP). The ANRP contains a comprehensive plan of action for the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of public roads. The ANRP is approved by the minister of transport and public works. After approval the ANRP is submitted to RFA for funding.

What are the sources of the roads funds?

The roads fund is mainly financed by fuel levies from petrol and diesel which is collected from Petroleum Importing Companies by Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA). In addition to the fuel levies, the roads fund collects International Transit Fees from foreign registered trucks with a minimum of two axles depending on the origin of the truck and distance to be traveled in Malawi. The transit fees are currently being collected by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on agency arrangement. Part of the roads funds also come from Parliamentary appropriation and donors. most of these funds are for construction and rehabilitation.