The Roads Fund Administration Board of Directors, today, 13th October, 2021 toured the 25 Kilometre, Nsanje – Marka road construction which is part of the South Corridor that connects the country to Beira Port in Mozambique.  The MK11.1 billion road project started on 18th March 2019 and was expected to finish on 19th November 2021.  Completion of the Project has however delayed due to funding challenges.  However, the Roads Fund Administration Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Malata, has said that funding is now available for this and other Government road construction projects.  He further said that for the current year an allocation of MK70.0 billion was made in the national budget for all road construction projects including the Nsanje – Marka project.  There is therefore funding for this project and it is our expectation that works should progress speedly.

The commitment that Government has demonstrated in providing such substantial budgetary resources will ensure that the project does not stall due to funding.

The project is under the supervision of EMC Consulting Engineers.  EMC have advised that the road will complete by end of February 2022.  The Contractor is China Railway No. 20 Bureau Group.